The AVALA TEH FEST selection will present 24 documentaries in the categories “TOURIST FILM”, “ECOLOGICAL FILM”, “HEDONIST FILM”, 8 from each category.
The TOURIST FILM category includes films that present the tourist potential of an area (emphasis on natural beauty, cultural and historical monuments, cultural and other tourist potentials).
The ECOLOGICAL FILM category covers all topics in ecology and environmental protection.
The HEDONIST FILM category includes films that present the production, preparation and enjoyment of food and beverages and other related content.

All films in the Selection will be shown on one of the television stations programs in Serbia!
All films must be adapted for TV broadcasting and in HD standard (1920×1080).
By submitting the application, the author or producer of the film conveys all the rights to the organizers of the Festival to broadcast the film on the TV program.

In order to apply your film to participate in the Festival, you must complete and submit an application form available on the Festival website. Films and accompanying video material should be submitted via one of the known document transfer platforms (WeTransfer, FileMail, etc.), while the download link and any security password should be provided on the application form.

The application process is free, as well as participation in the Festival!

The official languages of the AVALA TEH FEST are Serbian and English.
For all films that are not in these languages, it is necessary to submit a list of dialogues or narration in English for translation into Serbian and for broadcast on TV.

The AVALA TEH FEST selector will make the final selection of 24 films for the AVALA TEH FEST program.

The basic conditions for participation in the Festival are the following:
• Film duration: up to 30 minutes;
• The film must be submitted in an HD standard (1920×1080), that is suitable for broadcast on a TV program;
• Documentaries from all over the world can apply for the Festival;
• Films that are not produced in Serbian or English must have an attached list of dialogues or narration in English;
• Applications must not be older than two years, that is, in the case of AVALA TEH FEST 2020, the production year of the films may be 2017 or later.


Deadline for film applications – submission of the application form, films and accompanying video (screenings, teasers, trailers) and other material (film photos, author photos, list of dialogues and narration) is April 30th, 2020 by 24:00 hrs.


• The authors or producers of selected films for competitive selection will be notified of the decision by email no later than 15 April 2020.
• The organizers of the AVALA TEH FEST are under no obligation to provide comments or feedback regarding the submitted film to the applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.
• Applicants are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information exchanged in official correspondence with representatives of the organizers of the AVALA TEH FEST and are required not to disclose it to third parties.
• Once a documentary has been selected, the AVALA TEH FEST is entitled to use excerpts from the film for a maximum of three minutes, nationally and internationally, for promotional purposes.


(1) The AVALA TEH FEST’s best overall film, decided by the festival’s television audience via SMS, will receive the AVALA TEH FEST Grand Prix. This prize also includes a cash prize of EUR 3,000.
(2) First Award – the AVALA TEH FEST Gold Tower, Second Award – the AVALA TEH FEST Silver Tower and Third Award – the AVALA TEH FEST Bronze Tower, will be awarded for the first three films in the categories: TOURIST FILM, ECOLOGICAL FILM and HEDONIST FILM. The AVALA TEH FEST Golden Tower also includes a cash prize of 2,000 EUR.
(3) The AVALA TEH FEST plaques will be awarded to all other films that will participate in the selection at the Festival, in all categories.
The awards referred to in paragraph (2) shall be decided by an International Jury of five (5) members, experts in documentary filmmaking, tourism journalism and gastronomy. The work of the AVALA TEH FEST Jury will be chaired by the President of the Jury.
The award from paragraph (1), i.e. the decision on the best overall film of the Festival received by the votes of the television audience is verified by the AVALA TEH FEST Jury.
All decisions of the Jury are verified by the signature of the President of the Jury of the AVALA TEH FEST.


• By submitting a film to the Festival, the applicant acknowledges and warrants that he or she is entitled to submit the movie to the AVALA TEH FEST and that it has the authority and consent of the copyright and related owners, any protected content and / or other intellectual property subject matter, which is included in the submitted film.

• By submitting a film to the AVALA TEH FEST, or by submitting an application form, the applicant guarantees that all rights related to the screening at the AVALA TEH FEST are clear and unambiguous, that he / she is the owner of the rights to the submitted film and that he / she is authorized to transfer the rights of use and / or may transfer them to third parties.

• The AVALA TEH FEST, its representatives, authorized persons and / or employees are not responsible for any unauthorized inclusion of any content in the film that may form the basis of third party requests.

• The Applicant undertakes to defend and fully insure the AVALA TEH FEST, all its representatives, authorized persons and / or employees, against all claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses arising from or that may arise from or in connection with third party claims, and in relation to the submitted film.

• The AVALA TEH FEST reserves the right at any time, before or during the festival, to disqualify and exclude any film subject to third party requests.

• Once the application for participation in the AVALA TEH FEST is submitted and registered, it can no longer be withdrawn, which means that the film will be shown in the submitted content and form, if selected for the official competition of the AVALA TEH FEST.

• The applicant guarantees that the information on the film submitted are accurate and that all necessary information, materials and other content are available to the AVALA TEH FEST.

• The directors, producers and distributors of the award-winning films are committed to highlighting the AVALA TEH FEST award in official and promotional materials as well as during the distribution of the film.

• Selected and award-winning films can use the AVALA TEH FEST advertising logo, as well as the tags: “AVALA TEH FEST 2020 Official Selection Film”, “AVALA TEH FEST 2020 Grand Prix”, “AVALA TEH FEST Gold Tower 2020”, “AVALA TEH FEST 2020 Silver Tower”, or “AVALA TEH FEST 2020 Bronze Tower”. The logos will be submitted in a timely manner in digital form.

• The AVALA TEH FEST reserves the right to write its own texts for the catalogue, programs, leaflets and other promotional materials of the AVALA TEH FEST.

• Screeners, teasers and other application content will not be returned. Film originals, master tapes, or other originals are not accepted!

• By submitting their applications for the AVALA TEH FEST, the applicants confirm that the AVALA TEH FEST’s rules have been accepted.

• Festival organizers reserve the right to change the rules.

• All authors whose films have been selected for the AVALA TEH FEST competition program will be additionally contacted regarding participation in the Festival program as well as regarding accommodation by the AVALA TEH FEST organizers, to specify all details regarding their participation at the AVALA TEH FEST.